What is an open patent?

An open patent is an enabling description of an innovative idea, invention, product, method, etc, published at the Open Patent Office. Enabling description means that the disclosure is described in enough detail to allow others skilled in the domain to implement the idea or to make the product. After our immediate publication and date stamping, the novel aspects of this disclosure enter the public domain as prior art. Such disclosure can be used as a strategy to prevent others from obtaining patents on the same ideas. This strategy can be used to maintain your freedom to operate.

Why would I publish an open patent?

  • Help society and share your ideas and inventions in the public domain!

  • If you don't want to block others from market, or you don't have a business model based on licenses, you don't need a traditional patent.

  • If you don't want to be blocked by others: secure your freedom to operate.

  • If you want others to build upon your ideas.

  • If the (additional) revenue of a traditional patent would be small compared to the costs of a full patent application (legal advice for the difficult writing process, registration and renewal fees in the patent office of each country where you want a monopoly.)

  • If your new ideas are only incremental to your existing patents, and these existing patents are enough to block others.

  • If you want to showcase your innovations and expertise. We will help you with a profile page and open patent numbers that you can list in your CV.

  • If your idea is difficult to patent or it isn't 'patentable subject matter' (in some countries), such as computer programs or genetic sequences. What is not patentable today in a certain country might be tomorrow or elsewhere. Protect your freedom to operate today.

When is an open patent not a good idea?

We don't consider it a good idea to openly describe ideas that do more harm than good. Keep your ideas for weapons secret. If you are afraid that the dangerous idea is so obvious that somebody else will have the same idea soon, please apply for a patent and block everyone from implementing the product during the next 20 years.

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